Is tap water healthy for us
Is tap water healthy for us
November 21, 2018
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The water filtration FACTS

“Once a friend from work told me that thirst is best quenched with filtered water. Unfortunately, I forgot the name of the filter she was talking about. I decided to find it on the Internet, but then the problems began. I have encountered hundreds of contradictory information and opinions of Internet users … “- this is just one of people’s stories who find it difficult to find information about these well-known devices in the West. Abroad filters have a large group of fans and supporters. Anyone who has ever tried filtered water will not give it up. Clean and tasty water is the healthiest drink in the world. It’s time to disprove myths about filtering and present the most important facts.

Myth 1: The filtered water is distilled, so it is completely devoid of minerals and unhealthy.

Fact: Filtration of tap water using a pitcher filter does not cause total water demineralization. Only the excess calcium salts responsible for the formation of scale in the boiling process are removed. The filtered water cannot be compared with distilled water, which is completely demineralized and is not intended for drinking. The filter does not have the ability to remove sodium and potassium contained in tap water, so that these components remain in its composition. New on the market are filters that not only purify, but also enrich the water with valuable magnesium ions, such as the Dafi magnesium filter.

Myth 2: The filtered water should be boiled before consumption

Fact: There is no need. Water supplied by the municipal tap water meets safety standards. Adults can easily drink water directly from the filter, which further improves its quality. Thus filtered water does not need to be boiled to quench our thirst.

Myth 3: Filtered water cannot be given to children and infants

Fact: According to the Institute of Mother and Child, filtered water is safe and recommended for consumption and preparation of meals for children over 1 year old.

Myth 4: Water filtration is expensive

Fact: Filtering pitcher is a profitable investment that saves money on the purchase of bottled water. The prices of pitchers vary depending on the model of the pitcher and the efficiency of the filter and are in the range of 10 to 18 PLN. Filtered tap water is about 10-15 times cheaper than bottled water available in stores. What is more, when deciding to buy a pitcher, we promote pro-ecological behavior.

Myth 5: Water filter pitchers are made of the same plastic from which the bottles are made.

Fact: Dafi filtering pitchers are made of attested plastics that do not contain a dangerous chemical compound BPA (Bisphenol Type A), which can negatively affect our health. All pitcher systems have PZH approval, a positive opinion of the Mother and Child Institute in Warsaw and the German LGA Certificate.

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