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Is tap water healthy for us

Is tap water healthy for us

Drinking tap water is becoming more and more popular. We are not afraid any more that it is unhealthy. People give up buying bottled water and choose the one that flows in our pipes and is always close at hand. Below are some facts about this topic.

The purity of tap water

Did you know that drinking water intakes in some cities are inhabited by small crustaceans or mussels? They protect the purity of water that goes to our homes. But in what way? Well, each of these creatures is connected to a computer that monitors their movements in response to water. These reactions, based on the degree of shell opening, are read on ECG-like graphs. When the mussel detects the slightest contamination of water, he immediately closes his shell. This is a signal to carry out detailed research on possible contamination of water in tanks. Such biomonitoring becomes a part of controlling water purity.

It is a myth that tap water contains dangerous bacteria. Such water is very well studied and monitored, and no microorganisms can be found in it. In addition, tap water has about 300 mg of minerals.

When to filter tap water?

However, many people are afraid to drink tap water. That’s why we boil it or filter it. This is due to the fact that pipes that transport water to our homes are old and rusty. As a result of corrosive pipes, heavy metals penetrate into the water. Due to this fact, more and more people are trying to filter water. Filtering also has another, very important advantage. The use of filtering pitchers improves the taste and quality of water. What does it exactly mean? Filters reduce the hardness of water, but retain its beneficial minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Filtering also significantly improves its taste. It is therefore an ideal way to drink water straight from the tap, because it is healthy and also significantly affects saving and taking care of the environment. It is also a simple way to limit the daily consumption of plastic.


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