How often should we change the filter with a new one
November 6, 2018
Is tap water healthy for us
Is tap water healthy for us
November 21, 2018
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Is it worth to buy a Dafi bottle

The Dafi bottle is lightweight, helps to live ecologically, and due to the possibility of filtering water is also a healthier equivalent of bottled water. You can take it to the gym, walk or travel. But these are not the only advantages of the Dafi bottle. Find out why it is worth to buy it.

Dafi is a bottle for active people who are in constant motion and need to care for proper hydration of the body. That is why it is worth having it during a walk in the park, cycling trips, mountain trips or at the gym. Thanks to its ergonomic shape, optimal size and lightness, we can easily hide it into a handbag, backpack or travel bag. In addition, our bottle can be equipped with a special mouthpiece with a stopper, which allows children to use it and avoids accidental spillage of water. What other benefits is provided by the use of the Dafi bottle?

Saving money

Let’s think how many bottles of water we buy each month. Although one bottle costs 2-3 PLN , their number purchased during the month, especially in the summer season, can be quite impressive. In case of Dafi, we buy only one bottle, which we fill with tap water whenever we want. Of course, it has a replaceable filter, which should be systematically bought. However, according to the manufacturer, it can replace up to 300 half-liter bottles. Considering the cost of buying one bottle, which is just 35-45 PLN depending on the capacity, and the fact that such amounts of tap water cost almost nothing, the profitability of Dafi’s choice is undisputed.


The Dafi bottle is environmentally friendly. Due to it, we are able to significantly reduce the number of plastic bottles, which unfortunately increasingly pollute the environment. The problem is also that plastic can be recycled only a few times. In most cases, it becomes a waste drifting in the oceans, which is dangerous for living organisms and also transmits toxic substances to the environment.


Dafi has been equipped with a special carbon filter that effectively removes chlorine. That’s why it’s the best choice during trips when we run out of water. What’s more, the Dafi bottle does not have Bisfenol A harmful to our health.


Thanks to the optimal size, we are able to take a bottle with us everywhere we want and, if necessary, we can put it in our bag. What’s more, it is available in a variety of colors, which means that being at the gym or park will not have a problem to singularize our bottle from the others. We can choose the right Dafi bottle through the website:

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