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November 6, 2018
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Filters for water – hard water

Filters for water - hard water

White deposits, unsatisfactory taste of water, as well as its turbidity is a sign that the hardness of water is too high.

If our household appliances spoil frequently, and the water from the kettle is not clear and transparent, it may be sign of bad water status. Probably the water that flows in our taps is too hard and as a result a scale that settles on household appliances is formed.

Water filters for hard water

There are many ways to get rid of hard water and stone. Once a week we can descale household appliances with citric acid or vinegar, but this is still not a solution to the problem. Such a procedure is time-consuming and the effect of the lack of scale in the kettle or machine is only temporary. The scale settles back again after a few days.

If you prefer prevention rather than cure, we recommend using appropriate water filters that effectively soften the water. Improving the condition and quality of water is one of the most effective methods to fight hard water.

There are expensive and advanced filters available on the market, however, the most popular and most commonly used are filtering jugs of the Polish Dafi manufacturer. They provide a significant and noticeable improvement in water quality with an uncomplicated and low-cost filter system. The jug has a removable filter whose properties and action can be adapted to your own expectations and to the state of water.

If your concern is hard water, it is recommended to use a filter cartridge for household appliances, which are dedicated to filter very hard water. They prevent the precipitation of the scale from the water.

Dafi filter cartridges soften water

Both standard filters and the other Dafi filters soften the water and remove the scale from it. These filters are designed for less hard water. In addition, they enrich it with valuable minerals. Filters fit the various types of manufacturer’s jugs, so that we can use any type of filter without worrying about the type of jug we have.

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