Listopad 29, 2018

The water filtration FACTS

„Once a friend from work told me that thirst is best quenched with filtered water. Unfortunately, I forgot the name of the filter she was talking […]
Listopad 21, 2018
Is tap water healthy for us

Is tap water healthy for us

Drinking tap water is becoming more and more popular. We are not afraid any more that it is unhealthy. People give up buying bottled water and […]
Listopad 14, 2018

Is it worth to buy a Dafi bottle

The Dafi bottle is lightweight, helps to live ecologically, and due to the possibility of filtering water is also a healthier equivalent of bottled water. You […]
Listopad 6, 2018

How often should we change the filter with a new one

Jugs filtering tap water are becoming more and more popular. This is due to the fact that they are very effective and extremely economical. Both replacing […]
Listopad 2, 2018
Filters for water - hard water

Filters for water – hard water

White deposits, unsatisfactory taste of water, as well as its turbidity is a sign that the hardness of water is too high. If our household appliances […]

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